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Posted by Caitlin Smart on Dec 8, 2017 9:22:00 AM
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Real Estate is a profession that's as old as time. As time progresses, so do our advances and expectations. It's almost the new year and 2018 will be no different. How will you adjust to the modern age when it comes to real estate?

  • Have you downloaded your personalized real estate app to share with your clients?
  • Have you done your research on how virtual reality can seriously benefit your real estate business?
  • Are you constantly updating your Facebook or LinkedIn profile to keep yourself relevant with your clients and your industry?

Here at Mode, we can check yes to each of these options and more because we pride ourselves on providing our agents with advanced technology to assist them in running their real estate business efficiently, which is a benefit for both our agents and our clients. 

Your personalized app

Before you purchased your home, how many hours did you spend searching on Zillow from the comfort of your home? These days, each agent should have their own app. Potential clients like the thought of doing business and research at home before they're ready to make the commitment by coming into the office, just like you did.

Here at Mode, we help market our agents with an app with active MLS listings with their individual contact information programmed inside for their customers to utilize. Once the app is downloaded by the customer, they can see MLS listings as well as be instantly connected to their real estate agent with the click of a button within the app. Instead of downloading Zillow, your clients should be downloading your app that links them directly to you so you'll never miss another contact or lead opportunity. 

Virtual Reality... Because it's 2017

We're constantly finding new ways to improve our efficiency. Why be limited to touring 4 houses in a day before your clients get tired, when you can bring them to the office to tour 10 houses in a conference room where they can feel the depth and see the true size of a room without having to leave the comfort of a chair with their agent still being present? Not only will you be saving your clients time and energy, but you'll make your business look prepared as well as a leader in your area. Not enough businesses in our industry are utilizing this tool yet, but it's up and coming and we as an industry should be ready to capitalize on it. 

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube... These are all tools that have an impact on your business. If you're not utilizing them for your marketing, you're behind. You may refuse to conform but it's literally free advertising for your brand and doesn't cost you a dime. Instead of posting about something personal, try to post about something professional once a week to help your friends see you in a different light. I think as real estate agents we've all asked ourselves "How big is my network?" Your network is not only your friends and family that you talk to on a regular basis, but also those who you can reach by any method--including social media acquaintances.

While everyone appreciates a Christmas card from their real estate agent at the end of the year, social media posts can keep you more relevant to more people in a professional aspect if you're posting about your industry on a regular basis. We are a visual generation so post pictures of your current listings, post videos of your clients walking into their new home that you took with your iPhone (with their permission!), post about how much you love what you do... by appearing active and successful on Facebook and other platforms, you'll improve your brand recognition and build a larger audience.

Whether you're a seasoned agent who appreciates old school, traditional marketing or a new agent looking for a way to get your name recognized, technology is something to be valued and taken seriously by real estate companies to support their agents. In this day and age, everyone can relate to the term "Time is Money." Everyone is busy, everyone wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Don't limit yourself by limiting your tools. Take the time to advance with the times so you're not getting left behind!

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