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The Importance of Networking in Real Estate

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jul 10, 2018 11:24:47 AM
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It's 2018 and we've begun to rely on our social media to promote our real estate business hoping the leads will just roll in. We join the Zillow paid advertising list in order to be a featured REALTOR®, we purchase Facebook ads to promote our business to nearby residents, and we market ourselves as trusted REALTORS® on Instagram and LinkedIn by posting market updates. While you may have had touches of success with this in the past, how many leads from your paid advertising have you taken to the closing table? 

Depending on your persistence and ability to create engaging social media content, you may be one of the few agents who post exactly what leads want to see and consistently enough to keep yourself at the front of their minds when they decide it's time to purchase their new home.

But not all of us are tech savvy with Instagram live or have the creative skills to post engaging content that makes your followers excited to choose you as their agent.

That's why, as real estate agents, we need to be active in our community to get our name out there in our own unique way. There are different ways you could go about this.

Volunteer on a Regular Basis

Volunteering is something many REALTORS® do throughout the calendar year. Of course, there's RakeUp Boise, Paint The Town, and other local community events that draw lots of attention but there are also other ways to give back that are smaller in volunteer size and that occur more often.

Find a small volunteer group that meets more often in order to grow your sphere with people you get your hands dirty with. Not only could you grow your sphere of influence by creating relationships with new people this way, but by posting your volunteering journey on your social network- you could build a reputation as a community focused REALTOR® who gives back.

And who doesn't like someone who gives back?

Join a MeetUp Group

MeetUp is an app that came out a few years ago that allows you to find groups in your area based on your interests for you to join. Love wine tasting? There's a group for that. Love mountain biking? There's a group for that. Love reading? There's a group for that too. By joining a MeetUp group, you're engaging with people who share your similar interests. Not only does this help you want to engage more by doing something you actually love, but it also helps you create long-lasting relationships with people you enjoy spending time with.

"Genuine relationships often turn you into your new best friends go-to REALTOR® because they know you, they like you, and they trust you more than the guy who keeps sending postcards with his face on it telling them to sell now while the markets hot."

Join a Committee

Whether it's the local chamber of commerce, your local REALTORS® association, or a small committee serving your alumni association- consider the perks of joining a professional network.

A local chamber of commerce more often offers a larger group of people to network with who are in it for the same reason as you are, referrals. You may meet professionals who are in the same industry who can refer clients to you, or you may meet someone whose in-laws are about to move to town and need a house. Needless to say, this is the type of networking that open season for broadcasting what you do for a living without being considered over the top.

By joining a committee that serves your local REALTORS® association, you can market yourself as an agent that's "in-the-know" or at least set yourself apart as an agent that's active not only in the industry but in the community on behalf of the industry.

This type of engagement can help you:

  • Create working relationships with other agents on the committee
  • Be viewed highly by industry affiliates who are active
  • Can help set you up for more industry success down the road by not only meeting some of the right people on the board, but also by being recognized as a proactive and willing agent that steps up to help get things done for the association.

Nobody Grows Their Sphere by Being a Hermit

Step away from your screen and be proactive in growing your sphere organically. Let's face it, paid leads are often a needle in a haystack... so reduce your ad spending and start diving into your community in order to grow your sphere with quality relationships who will be sure to use you when the time comes.

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