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4 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid When Negotiating

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jun 25, 2018 9:17:35 AM

With real estate deals come negotiations, and in order to get the best deal for your client, you must be equipped with powerful negotiation skills and strategies. Often, there will be some disagreements between the homebuyer and seller. These may pertain to the price, the terms of the sale, or many of the other factors that come into play with such a large investment. Either way, you will most likely have to put your negotiation tips into play. In order to ensure a fast and easy closing and an optimal experience for your clients, avoid making these top four mistakes when negotiating real estate.

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Presenting and Negotiating Multiple Offers

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jun 20, 2018 1:23:24 PM

When the real estate market is as hot as it is here in Boise, Idaho- having multiple offers on the table is a situation agents have come to expect when representing buyers and sellers in the Treasure Valley. We do our best, as agents, to educate and prepare our clients for the best and worst case scenario with the various ways they can decide what course of action is best for them. After all, our duty as REALTORS® is to protect and promote our client's best interest. But what is fair? What can we expect from the other representing agent? And what can be done?

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8 Ways to Make Yourself a More Likable Real Estate Agent

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jun 14, 2018 2:52:49 PM

Being a nice person certainly helps when cultivating business relationships, but it takes more than a warm smile to curry the favor of prospects. Likable people possess certain traits you can adopt to make yourself more endearing to those you hope will become your next client. But don’t underestimate others’ ability to pick up on feigned sincerity and genuineness.

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7 Questions Real Estate Agents Should Ask When Interviewing a Broker

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jun 14, 2018 1:52:42 PM

As you know, going into an interview as a real estate agent is a different experience than a full-time employee nervously interviewing for a job on the third floor. Rather than the employer evaluating you, you're evaluating the employer to determine if what they offer is a good fit for your business. Though similar to a full-time position, you can often forget important questions to ask the broker during your time in the office. Whether the broker has taken charge of the conversation or because you've got caught up on a feature the brokerage offers that excites you, it's important to remember to ask these 7 questions before you join.

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How to Start Preparing for a Career in Real Estate

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jun 14, 2018 1:48:17 PM

So you've decided you want to start a career in Real Estate... an opportunity to be your own boss, have a flexible schedule, help friends find their dream homes and make good money while doing it, great! But where do you start? Do you google real estate schools and start on Monday? Not quite.


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Continuing Education For Real Estate Agents at Mode Realty Group

Posted by Caitlin Smart on May 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

You spent hours in real estate school. You studied hard. You sweat through your exam (maybe more than once). But it all paid off because now you’re a real estate agent and that is all behind you. Except it’s not.

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Investing In Your Real Estate Business.

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Apr 23, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Raise your hand if you thought you would go to Real Estate School, pass your exam, pay your dues and never spend another dime towards building your business... Anybody? Everyone goes into Real Estate for different reasons, but everyone also probably loved the thought of being their own boss and generating their own success. Now, second question... how many of you prepared a financial plan in order to budget for your new business?

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Does it Matter How Long I'm With a Brokerage?

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Apr 17, 2018 11:45:33 AM

More often than not, the first brokerage you choose won't be where you end up long term and that's common across the industry. We all join the brokerage where we've already been recruited before our first day of real estate school or we join an office that did a great job creating energy and promising leads during an in-school presentation. But when once you've completed school and you've passed your test, you're still learning. You're learning about the transaction process in detail, you're learning the ins and outs of lead generation, and you're learning what you actually need from a brokerage to support your business and succeed. But by your second or third brokerage, you should start settling in and becoming a loyal agent of a real estate brand you trust.

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The Advantage of Virtual Reality With Real Estate

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Mar 27, 2018 11:24:00 AM

It's 2018 and the ways we are able to advertise and market our real estate listings and ourselves are incredible. Networking happy hours, live videos in local coffee shops celebrating your successes of that week, hashtags and status updates... who would have thought 30 years ago that this would be the future for promoting real estate business in 2018? But, the fact of the matter is, if you've stopped there- you're still not quite caught up. Virtual Reality is the next big tool to market your listings and your  real estate business. Idaho has become one of the most sought after markets in the U.S, so how are you promoting yourself to stay in front of the business moving in?

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