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Does it Matter How Long I'm With a Brokerage?

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Apr 17, 2018 11:45:33 AM
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More often than not, the first brokerage you choose won't be where you end up long term and that's common across the industry. We all join the brokerage where we've already been recruited before our first day of real estate school or we join an office that did a great job creating energy and promising leads during an in-school presentation. But when once you've completed school and you've passed your test, you're still learning. You're learning about the transaction process in detail, you're learning the ins and outs of lead generation, and you're learning what you actually need from a brokerage to support your business and succeed. But by your second or third brokerage, you should start settling in and becoming a loyal agent of a real estate brand you trust.

Each time a new recruit expresses interest and schedules an interview with our team, Mode Realty Group does our own research before the interview. Yes, agents are interviewing our Boise brokerage as a place to potentially hang their hat, but our broker is still analyzing if you'd be a good fit for our brand and if you'd benefit from the tools we offer. We're not the only ones that do this. Because just like a normal 9-5 based company, turn over isn't desired and can reflect poorly on both the office and the agent... why would a brokerage want to bring on an agent with a track record of being with 5 different companies in the last 12 months? Are they high maintenance? Do they not get along well with others? Why can't this agent seem to stay loyal to a brokerage?

It's the same as job history on a resume, would you want someone working for you that you'd invest time and training in for them to leave shortly after? While it's important to find the right office for you and your clients needs, the amount of times you've jumped ship from one brokerage to another stands out to the clients you maintain relationships with, your past and present coworkers, and potential future employers.

With that being said, take a moment to decide what's truly important for your success and do proper research before switching your license over to somewhere new. If you want an office with a family feel and coworkers you can collaborate with, ask if you can hang out after the interview to see if it's an office you could see yourself calling home. If you have a small sphere of influence and worry about generating income, ask agents you know on LinkedIn what their company lead generation is like. Take the time to analyze if the commission split is a good fit for your budget and if it's fair for the amount of support you'll ask from the broker and office staff. Again... do the research. 

We all have started our journey in Real Estate for different reasons. Some started in Real Estate for the ability to make their own schedule, some acquired their license in order to help family and friends, and some joined because they were told by a stranger that they would do well in this industry. Whatever your reason was for getting your Idaho real estate license, your business needs are bound to change as you continue to grow as an agent. But don't be quick to jump to another company based on surface level advertising and don't be quick to leave over something you can effectively change in your own business model. Do your research and become a loyal agent that a brokerage would be lucky to have!


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