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I'm New to Real Estate, and I'm in Love

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Nov 17, 2017 11:16:07 AM
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For those who don't know me, I'm the Office Manager here at Mode Realty Group. I've always had a passion for human resources and office management for as long as I can remember... for me it's so important to train your employees well in order for them to represent how you want your company to be portrayed in your community. Fast forwarding to a few months ago, I came across this position with John and I fell in love with it. I sat down with John at a coffee shop and listened to his passion for his new real estate brokerage in Boise and his ambition for its future and as I listened to him talk about his dream, I realized his level of excitement for his dreams sounded a lot like mine for office management. 

As we got more into the job description of what would be required of me as real estate office manager, John let me know I would be required to attend real estate school in order to legally do part of what this position would require of me. That was one of the many things John said that got me excited about this position. Not only was I able to help my broker build his dream from the ground up from a management side, but I also was given the opportunity to attend real estate school while doing so, which I knew would open so many doors for my future. Throughout my two weeks of required schooling, as each guest speaker from other real estate brokerages came to speak to us, I got more and more excited about the opportunities waiting for me in real estate. Each speaker had a passion about their industry and spoke of how much they love the people on their team and the people in their network of title companies and mortgage lenders and that was something really special to me. Now being a licensed Realtor, I am able to see what they were talking about first hand. 

I have been to the networking events, I've learned the ins and outs of the MLS and our industry, I've talked for hours over a glass of wine (or two) about the Boise real estate industry with my coworkers and friends... and I can't get enough. Last night I attended a "Flippin on the Side" seminar hosted by our local Boise celebrities Luke and Clint from HGTV. My point is this, there are SO many ways to be successful in real estate and all it takes is getting up and getting started. Start by attending real estate school, pass your exam, and pick the brokerage that's right for you. If there's any way that I can help you get going in this industry, let me know!

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