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Helpful Resources For New Real Estate Agents

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Feb 5, 2018 11:14:45 AM
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Have you ever noticed that for every article written on the amount of success you can have in Real Estate, there are three more articles written on why you'll fail?

There are a number of reasons why those new to Real Estate fail, one of which is their inability to manage their business professionally and effectively because they weren't aware of the resources available.

If you compare a well known agent's social media to someone less well known, you'll often find a difference in the content they're posting. Successful agents have caught on to the importance of creating value, not sales pitches. On their LinkedIn profile, you'll find infographics of market trends, maybe articles on how to get the best mortgage rates, and, most likely, blogs they've created explaining the best tips for someone trying to get top dollar for their house they want to sell this spring.  And... fun fact: it didn't take them hours to create those infographics themselves or research market statistics, they used resources available to them to create value and insight which makes them appear as leaders in the Real Estate industry and someone you want to use! 

Are you a member of Boise Regional Realtors?

If so, this also means you're a member of NAR (National Association of RealtorsĀ®). These two organizations offer a number of tools for real estate agents to use and share on  social media.

By the way, if you don't have social media pages designed specifically for your real estate business, make sure to follow the 3-1 rule... 3 personal posts for every 1 professional post in order to keep your sphere of influence interested in what you're up to.

Both BRR and NAR offer free content such as articles and infographics on current real estate market statistics, housing reports, taxes, mortgage rates and more that you're allowed to share to your social media pages to help you provide information of value when you're ready to make your next professional post. Utilize these! Why spend 3 hours on PowerPoint trying to perfect a chart on the current Boise market when you could share one already professional prepared by BRR and spend that time you saved nurturing leads?

Two words: Breakthrough Broker.

Our TitleOne Business Development Specialist came and gave a presentation on all the ways Breakthrough Broker should be one of your top 5 best friends and our agents have used it as a powerful tool ever since. From personalized buyer's road maps with your picture and company logo, to suggested social media posts for each type of transaction, to a number of modern templates for open house and listing fliers- Breakthrough Broker is your "Google" for real estate, and it's all free! All you have to do is type in the type of marketing material you're looking for, and Breakthrough Broker will do the rest. It works by simply setting up a free account with your head shot, company logo, and contact information, then automatically transfers it onto each tool you download to share with your sphere to create personalized marketing materials that make you look like a real estate pro. You can either take these marketing tools to the printer or you can share them directly to your social media. "Time is money"... so save time, make money!

Behind every good agent, is a good CRM.

Here at Mode Realty Group, we use Hubspot. This all in one CRM not only allows us to create leads, but also allows us to track what each lead is doing to determine where in the lead cycle they may be and how gentle we need to be when we call or email them so we don't scare them away. If we set up an email workflow, we can see when each person opened our marketing emails, what pages on our site they went to next, who is currently working with that lead, when they last accessed our website and so much more. Hubspot not only helps us manage our leads but also provides a social media scheduling/publishing tool, blogging and optimization to help increase our SEO, and free marketing and sales training that truly changed the way we market and work with our leads. This isn't a sales pitch for Hubspot, it's just providing you with information on how important and how extensive a good CRM can be for your business. 

Proving yourself as a professional and leader in your industry to establish more leads doesn't have to be difficult. "Fake it until you make it!" Let your resources do the marketing for you while you work on the other important aspects such as current market knowledge, networking, and ability to manage your transactions.  

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