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Creating Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Dec 19, 2017 9:10:00 AM
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According to NAR, 38% of sellers found their agent through a referral and 17% used their previous agent. That means 83% of people didn't use their agent again, and the given reason was that the agent didn't stay in touch.

Throughout our real estate agent training, we've heard over and over again how the most successful agents create relationships, not transactions, and who are we to argue with success? Buyers and sellers want agents with a good knowledge base, a good reputation, and a solid understanding of what real estate clients want. But if you want them to use you again, you also have to stay in touch!

Understanding your clients' needs

Maintain a professional relationship with your clients by showing them you care during this stressful time in their lives. They might have just bought the home of their dreams, but they also just spent a good portion of their savings and they're stressed. Leave them a closing gift on the counter for when they walk into their new home. These gifts are a lost art and undervalued in our industry. Throughout the chaos of unpacking, they probably didn't think about dinner. Leave them a gift card to a local restaurant or a gift basket with snacks and household items that might come in handy during the move. This thoughtfulness is something your client will be grateful for and won't forget any time soon.

You versus AngiesList

Check in with them after closing to see if they need assistance with recommendations for vendors such as repairmen, landscapers, or alarm companies. If your client is new to town, this could be a huge help to them by saving them time researching online for trusted local resources. It's a great way to pop your head back in and show you care without trying to sell them on something. If you don't have a list already, start researching companies in Idaho with great reviews and affordable costs. 

"Out of sight, out of mind"

Some of the most successful real estate agents in the Treasure Valley often talk about how they take their clients to dinner and they never miss sending out holiday cards to clients, both past and present. Taking clients to dinner helps to get them out of the house as well as building the relationship out of the office where they can really get to know you and appreciate you as more than just their agent. Spending a possible $200 on dinner will pay for itself when your clients start referring their "favorite real estate agent" to all of their family and friends. Keep your name and brand in front of them with a personal touch like a holiday card. Send out a genuine family photo holiday card to help them relate to you or take the time and write a personal message inside so they can appreciate you remembering them and staying in touch. 

Remember: Once you have your real estate license, you also have a brand. Maintain your brand in a way that makes you proud to attach your name to your real estate business. 

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