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Continuing Education For Real Estate Agents at Mode Realty Group

Posted by Caitlin Smart on May 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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You spent hours in real estate school. You studied hard. You sweat through your exam (maybe more than once). But it all paid off because now you’re a real estate agent and that is all behind you. Except it’s not.

In a highly-regulated industry that is in a constant state of flux, agents are required to complete continuing education credits (CEs) to stay on top of changing laws and regulations, as well as understand the fundamentals of related fields such as mortgage, inspection, appraisal, and title. 

Idaho Continuing Education Requirements

Real estate agents in Idaho must put in real effort to meet the demands of these educational requirements including:

  • One 8-hour mandatory post-license Fundamentals course
  • One 4 hour post-license module of your choice
  • Two Idaho core courses 

Even then, we still haven’t scratched the surface of the additional training required to use the tools of the trade such as the Intermountain MLS (Multiple Listing Service), marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology, and so on.

Typically, agents will go (often at the last minute) to organizations like Boise Regional Realtors (BRR) or Intermountain MLS, or they’ll chase down CE hours from title companies that host CE classes (hopefully on a date and time that work with their schedule).

How do agents keep up? Certainly, some do not. Each year our industry sees significant turnover in real estate agents who find the demands too grueling, especially when coupled with low sales performance. If the payoff isn’t great enough and the agent is failing to run their real estate business properly, often times those CE credits required to renew a real estate license are the proverbial straw.

Mode Makes it Easy(ier)

Some new agents take for granted that their brokerage will help them take care of these requirements, and many do. But sometimes the reminder memos and notifications of available CE credit trainings are not enough. That’s why Mode Realty Group regularly brings in instructors and offers free continuing education opportunities for our real estate agents, as well as regular training on all the tools and technologies that Mode provides its agents to help them be successful.

Get What You Need to Succeed

MRG agents have access to:

  • Onsite, one-on-one software training when signing on with Mode Realty Group
  • Refresher trainings every two weeks on software
  • Industry trainings and continuing education units by IREC approved instructors

Plus, we keep an updated calendar of all times and locations where real estate CE classes are happening around the Treasure Valley. All of this is available through the agent portal where it can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere. The success of our agents means everything to us, and the proof is in the support and resources we provide to every agent who works with us.

More Tools for Real Estate Success

Continuing education is one crucial element of the successful real estate agent formula. We also offer advice and resources for running a successful real estate business. When you start by learning why so many new agents don’t succeed, you can start to make better choices about building a solid business in the real estate industry.

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