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4 Lead Generation Trends That Are Dominating Real Estate in 2018

Posted by Caitlin Smart on Jun 28, 2018 2:55:21 PM
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1. Mobile Optimized Advertising

If you’ve been dragging your feet about using a mobile first lead generation strategy, you might be giving up leads in 2018. If you’re still not convinced, I’ll let this year’s data (compiled by Buffer) speak for itself:

· Facebook: 94 percent of its monthly active users are on mobile

· Twitter: 82 percent of its monthly active users are on mobile

· LinkedIn: 60 percent of its unique visitors access LinkedIn via a mobile device

· Pinterest: 80 percent of its traffic comes from mobile devices

· Snapchat: 100 percent of Snapchat users access the app through mobile

· Instagram: No data, but Instagram is primarily a mobile first app

Click here to see what mobile optimized advertising looks like.

2. Facebook... But Not Ads

Let’s face it, most agents who were using Facebook for organic lead generation are now scrambling to find a new way to get leads on the platform. While advertising on Facebook can have a great ROI, nothing beats the natural engagement and usefulness of Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are the new business page and Facebook is pushing them hard. As a REALTOR®, having a community group on FB for your farm area is a must. You can invite people in your area to join and discuss local events, happenings, local businesses, and of course the housing market. As the admin of the group, you can position yourself to be the go-to real estate professional in that area and engage with the members by offering value they care about. When done right, the free leads will come and your business will grow.”

Let’s face it though, building an audience with a Facebook group is time consuming.

If you want to start generating lead again right away, try poking your head into established local Facebook groups and answering people’s real estate related questions.

The idea, as with all content marketing, is to provide actual value for your audience. That means holding back on pushing new listings.

3. 3D tours are moving from “optional” to a “must”

Let’s face it. Matterport is pretty typical of first movers in the tech industry. They helped pioneer a a new technology in an industry. Of course, like most first movers, they are at significant risk of being outpriced and outperformed by smaller rivals.

In order to battle with 3D tour giant Matterport, Zillow is now offering an innovative 3D tour platform bundled with their Premier Agent app, that runs on Apple IOS. That means any agent with an Iphone may soon be able to create a 3D tour without paying for a professional Matterport camera.

That said, if you’re an Android user you’re out of luck. Zillow’s new 3D tours, the oddly named called “Zillow Group Home Capture” is so far only available for Iphones.

If you’re already invested in Matterport, you may want to rethink your strategy. After putting the time and money developing their own 3D app, there is little chance of Zillow allowing them to be uploaded with your listing. A shame, because Matterport still has far superior image quality and 3d capability.

4. VR/AR Will Revolutionize Pre-Construction Sales

If you’re involved in new development marketing or want to be, then you need to check out where VR/AR is heading for 2018.

VR (Virtual Reality) allows prospective buyers to immerse themselves in a simulated space before it’s even built. AR (Augmented Reality) allows them to swap out fixtures, tiles, paint or other finishes even on existing spaces. I think we all have had a listing where this could have beneficial for potential buyers...

Being able to form an emotional connection and seeing how the different elements come together makes a big difference for clients.

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